About Us

Y&E Biker's World is the 1st motorcycle retailer in Malaysia to carry a full range of motorcycle accessories and parts. The products we carry in our retail shops are directly shipped from Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Singapore and so on.

Our mechanic service offers professional workmanship of senior mechanics with 10 years or more experience to ensure the safety of your ride and to accessorize and customize your motorcycle for your style.

Our missions are to provide our valued customers with:

  1. Many selections of products
  2. New & cutting edge products
  3. Reliable mechanical workmanship
  4. Always low price

We currently have our retail shops at Klang, Kajang, Ampang and Shah Alam. We are continuously expanding and one day we will be at your location to bring you our products and services. We aim to be your “MOTOSIKAL PARTNER ANDA”.


Y&E Biker's World is built by a team of people who are enthusiastic about motorcycles. We are people who know your motorcycle inside out. Our teams are young and energetic. The knowledge and suggestions we give to our customers are always professional. When it comes to motorcycles, we are always the team that you can count on.

Store Manager/Senior Mechanic
Store Manager/Senior Mechanic
NG YEN SEN (a.k.a. AH SEN)